This Unit under the Office of the Regional Director is directly responsible for the preparation of Work and Financial Plan, collation of accomplishments and statistical reports.

Part of Planning Unit is the Management Information System (MIS). It handles the updating and maintenance of data center, develop information systems, manages repository system and GIS mapping. It is also involved in the establishment of digital infrastructure. For the first semester, 6,028 documents has been digitally signed by the Records Section through the assistance of the MIS.

During this time of pandemic where employees are obliged to a Work from Home arrangement, the MIS staff played a big part in the successful implementation of government programs and services especially on the online permitting and submission of Self-Monitoring Reports (SMRs) and Compliance Monitoring Reports (CMRs). Meetings and conferences were also done online via Microsoft Teams or Zoom.


      Implementation of IIS – Integrated Information System

The system allows all document transactions to be processed/routed to the concerned personnel though online including regional, provincial and central offices. It also aids the employees to monitor the status and view transaction history of a certain document. Application of Travel Order is also processed in this system. Further, this system is the initial step of all companies prior to using Hazwaste Manifest System and Online Self-Monitoring Report System. As such, they are required to register in the IIS.

Online orientation on the use of IIS System was conducted by Planning and Information System Management Unit (PISMU) on May 29, 2020. Attendees were the Regional Director, Division & Section Chiefs and OIC, Provincial Environment and Management Officers (PEMOs). June 3, 2020 orientation were attended by PEMUs and Laboratory Staff. June 10, 2020 orientation were ORD, Admin, EMED & CPD personnel.


Implementation of Hazardous Waste Management System

Hazardous Waste Registration (Generator, Transporters, and TSD), Permit to Transport & Manifest Application submission, evaluation and approval will be processed through this system.

Implementation of Online Permitting and Monitoring System – Permit to Operate

To Provide time and cost-efficient procedure for the processing of application through the use of this system, reducing red tape and expediting transactions in EMB Regional Office.

Harmonize the process flow in the application for PTO using secured central server managed by DENR-EMB through Statistics and Information System Management Section (SISMS) the Regional Planning and Information System Unit (PISMU).

Online Appointment System 

The system aims to control and limit the number of clients entering the office. Also, through this system, the employee can initially assess the purpose of client that would want to visit the office. The system is created by the Planning and Information System Management Unit.


Implementation of Online Attendance Record System

The system aims to monitor the attendance of EMB CALABARZON personnel for both office and work from home arrangement. This replaces the use biometrics which can contribute to  the risk of spread of COVID-19 virus. The system is created by EMB CALABARZON Planning and Information System Management Unit.


Online Daily Health Status

This system aims to monitor employee health status. Employees are required to respond on a daily basis and summary report is generated to be used by the Finance and Administrative Division. The system is created by EMB CALABARZON Planning and Information System Management Unit. 

Air Quality Dashboard

Air Quality Dashboard allows viewers to easily understand the real time status of air quality in CALABARZON region through Air Quality Index status (AQI) (Good, Fair, Unhealthy., etc.). This also provides information on the cautionary health statements corresponding to its AQI. Developed by EMB CALABARZON Planning and Information System Management Unit together with the Air Quality Management Section

Implementation of Digital Signature

            This program ensures the validity, authenticity and integrity of a digitally signed document of the Regional Director.

Relative to the support to Climate Change, all targets are scheduled in the third quarter of this year.

For this period, the Planning Unit had accomplished ____% of its target and ____ % of the budget utilized.